Sunday, April 8, 2012

Introduction to the Odd Girl

Well I'm Paytin as you know and I should tell you more about myself shouldn't I? Well for one thing I LOVE Wolves, Drawing, writing, coloring, being with my cousin, and being somewhere where my sisters won't annoy me. I'm creative and love helping people, although lately I seem to have no brain... Well I also like photography and I hope to get an iPhone for my birthday on the 27th to take some sweet pics! My style is a bit dark yet sometimes colorful. I like chokers (hint Mother....) but I don't mind what people say about them. I'm not goth or 'punk', I'm me! I also guess fashion is interesting but I'm not a fashionista like my cousin!
And this is a photo I took of myself.


  1. Very nice, cousin :)

    Did you take that photo at my place??